So your jeans get a perfect fit again

The jeans is an all-rounder and is worn for this reason so much. Whether washed out, torn or with pretty details – we have a few models that also differ in their fit. But what happens if the favorite piece gets too big over time or becomes too tight? Take it easy! Or just not so tight – because we’ll tell you two tips on how to get your pants fit again.

When buying the pants fit like a glove, but after a short time and few wearing experiences later, the once so fitting jeans loses its shape. But the opposite can also happen if the jeans refuses to grow with the figure and demonstratively with the covenant against you and your new rounds braces. We’ll give you tips on how to return an extended pair of trousers to their original shape or whether you are wearing too tight jeans on the collar – or on the waistband.

What to do if the jeans only pinch and cut ugly? No one wants to part with the favorite jeans. Spread the freshly washed jeans on a special waistband or a hanger. Make sure that there is tension on the waistband. Alternatively, you can use an ironing board, one end of which will pull and dry your favorite jeans. The thighs feel not so comfortable in the pants and are increasingly restricted? Unfortunately, they have to: Pull on the jeans, moisten the area of ​​the thighs and move as much as possible. Due to the body heat, the denim fabric is stretched and dries on the body. If you want to grab a bigger size when buying a new pair of trousers: better not!

Favorite jeans are faithful companions, go through thick and thin with you – but what if your body does not change, but the trousers fall by the wayside? After frequent use, the support of many jeans decreases, they lose their fit and hang only half-heartedly where they belong. A very hot tip: Put the jeans in boiling water for 10 minutes and add 100 grams of salt. The salt ensures that the color of the jeans does not fade. The hot water causes the threads, which were massively stretched during the manufacture of the trousers, to shrink back to their original length, so the trousers become narrower. Make sure that the water stops boiling while the jeans soak in. Then wash the pants with warm water and put the jeans in the dryer, if the label allows it. Instead of the dryer, you can also hang the jeans over a hanger to dry. However, you should not subject pants with a high stretch percentage to such a procedure, since the stretch fibers are damaged and can no longer perform their function – a leaching is then the case.

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