Flabby skin. What can you do to get the skin elastic and tight again?

A flabby or weakened skin. What are the causes and what can you do about it?

Over the years, our skin becomes softer and less elastic. It is an aging process that we can not escape. In addition, there are special circumstances, such as losing weight or stretching the skin of the abdomen during a short period of time, which can make the skin relax even more.

The weakening of the skin is a normal and natural process. Over the years, our skin becomes slacker and loses elasticity. This applies to the facial skin but also to the skin of the body. The weakening of the skin is an inevitable process caused by the degradation of the collagen fibers over time (an important part of the connective tissue of our skin, see it as a kind of glue that holds the tissue together).

Both men and women are nowadays increasingly aware of the tightening of the skin and the cosmetic houses play on it. In the closets of the pharmacies, the racks of perfumeries and the shelves of supermarkets we find many products that promise us to restore the elasticity of the slack skin. According to dermatologists, especially active substances such as Boswellia acid (boswellic acid) and products based on collagen would improve the firmness of the skin.

In addition to specific skin firming creams that will have to be massaged daily and for longer periods in the skin, there are also other, more radical techniques for treating skin relaxation.

Laser can offer a solution when skin starts to sag. It is important that you do this with a knowledgeable and well-equipped doctor. There are different laser techniques and the doctor will need the right laser equipment. In case of skin relaxation, the laser will penetrate deep enough into the skin. Heat recovery stimulates the recovery and production of collagen.

Furthermore, skin relaxation is controlled by injecting polylactic acid deep into the skin. In short, the acid triggers a reaction whereby new collagen tissue is formed which leads to a strengthening of the skin. The injected polylactic acid is broken down by the body over time.

As always, in the case of skin relaxation, prevention is better than cure. No skincare escapes anyone because it belongs to aging but a healthy diet and adequate protection of the skin against the sun can slow down the process. Therefore, make sure you eat varied. Your daily diet should contain enough carbohydrates, proteins, fats and water. And limit the intake of sugar as much as possible because sugar is known to break down collagen (also look for hidden sugars, read the ingredients on the packs in the supermarket, but assume that everything that ends on -ose sugar is). Make it a good habit to always protect your skin with an anti-sun cream (even in winter).