Glamorous Evening Dresses Should Be Ball Gowns Styles

It is elegant, feminine and glamorous, reminiscent of the dresses of princesses depicted in fairy tales. It is basically floor-length and usually has a wide-cut, swinging skirt. A fantasy ball gown is always something special. A hoop skirt worn underneath the dress can further enhance this effect. Sometimes the back skirt is lengthened by a train. To avoid stepping on the skirt while dancing, most dresses have a loop that can be placed around the wrist.


Ball gowns are always made of fine fabrics, such as chiffon, damask, brocade, velvet, silk, taffeta, satin, tulle or lace. They are usually decorated with elaborate details such as embroidery, beads, sequins, rhinestones or imaginative applications. In addition, as they are often tailor made, they are accordingly expensive.

It does not have to be the Vienna Opera Ball, but nevertheless a ball gown is worn only for very exclusive dance events. Unlike evening dresses in general, they are worn only when dancing is the focus.


The first dress of this kind is often used in the balls of dance schools or at the graduation ball. Otherwise, wedding receptions are often a great opportunity to dress in a beautiful ball gown, especially as a maid of honor or close friend and relatives of the bride and groom.

When in the Middle Ages the first ladies began to wear a ball gown on special occasions, this was granted only to noble women. Because the noble fabrics and luxurious details of the hand-made clothes made it even more expensive pleasure than they are today. Apart from that, the citizens and peasant women from the infantry did not have time to attend such events as they were busy with the house, the farm and the children. This fact is also discussed in fairy tales such as Cinderella.

Even in the Middle Ages and the early modern period, This kind of amazing evening dress were already designed for exclusive occasions such as dance balls and weddings. But at the time people had a different, much slower sense of time than today. That is, a ball gown not only lasted a lifetime, but was inherited from mother to daughter and from grandmother to granddaughter for generations. The early dances were not so hilarious and danced quickly as in modern times, but danced gracefully. This was particularly elegant in the wide hoop skirts. The noble treat with simultaneous freedom from dancing has remained the clothes until today.

Flabby skin. What can you do to get the skin elastic and tight again?

A flabby or weakened skin. What are the causes and what can you do about it?

Over the years, our skin becomes softer and less elastic. It is an aging process that we can not escape. In addition, there are special circumstances, such as losing weight or stretching the skin of the abdomen during a short period of time, which can make the skin relax even more.

The weakening of the skin is a normal and natural process. Over the years, our skin becomes slacker and loses elasticity. This applies to the facial skin but also to the skin of the body. The weakening of the skin is an inevitable process caused by the degradation of the collagen fibers over time (an important part of the connective tissue of our skin, see it as a kind of glue that holds the tissue together).

Both men and women are nowadays increasingly aware of the tightening of the skin and the cosmetic houses play on it. In the closets of the pharmacies, the racks of perfumeries and the shelves of supermarkets we find many products that promise us to restore the elasticity of the slack skin. According to dermatologists, especially active substances such as Boswellia acid (boswellic acid) and products based on collagen would improve the firmness of the skin.

In addition to specific skin firming creams that will have to be massaged daily and for longer periods in the skin, there are also other, more radical techniques for treating skin relaxation.

Laser can offer a solution when skin starts to sag. It is important that you do this with a knowledgeable and well-equipped doctor. There are different laser techniques and the doctor will need the right laser equipment. In case of skin relaxation, the laser will penetrate deep enough into the skin. Heat recovery stimulates the recovery and production of collagen.

Furthermore, skin relaxation is controlled by injecting polylactic acid deep into the skin. In short, the acid triggers a reaction whereby new collagen tissue is formed which leads to a strengthening of the skin. The injected polylactic acid is broken down by the body over time.

As always, in the case of skin relaxation, prevention is better than cure. No skincare escapes anyone because it belongs to aging but a healthy diet and adequate protection of the skin against the sun can slow down the process. Therefore, make sure you eat varied. Your daily diet should contain enough carbohydrates, proteins, fats and water. And limit the intake of sugar as much as possible because sugar is known to break down collagen (also look for hidden sugars, read the ingredients on the packs in the supermarket, but assume that everything that ends on -ose sugar is). Make it a good habit to always protect your skin with an anti-sun cream (even in winter).

The new Gabrielle Chanel perfume

Kristen Stewart has been part of the Chanel family for years. Now the actress presented as face of “Gabrielle Chanel” the perfume novelty. After a launch party at the Palais de Tokyo – with Katy Perry and Pharrell Williams – she now presents the fragrance in the campaign video for music by Beyonce. Here you will find everything about the new Chanel perfume.


Chanel’s house perfumer Olivier Polge created “Gabrielle Chanel” – for 15 years, perfume lovers had to wait for a new scent of Chanel. Polge picked exquisite ingredients, including jasmine and tuberose from Grasse, for the new Chanel perfume, creating a beguiling blend. Desired side effect: The scent is to promote self-esteem and self-confidence, and encourage the wearer to listen to the inner voice and thus achieve what your heart desires. Certainly in the sense of the eponym Gabrielle Chanel, who once said: “I have chosen what I wanted to be, and it is me.”

The collaboration between Kristen Stewart and Chanel is entering a new round: the actress is the face of the house’s new perfume campaign. “Radiant and rebellious, we introduce Kristen Stewart as the face of the new women’s fragrance ‘Gabrielle Chanel’,” was Chanel’s first statement.

The campaign with Kristen Stewart will feature a commercial by British director Ringan Ledwidge as well as photos by Karim Sadli. A successful continuation of the collaboration for Kristen Stewart: she has been a brand ambassador for Chanel since 2013. Most recently, Karl Lagerfeld’s muse, along with Caroline de Maigret, Cara Delevingne and Pharrell Williams, advertised the new “Gabrielle” bag, which, like the “Gabrielle Chanel” parade, pays homage to fashion label founder Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel

How close the bond between Kristen Stewart and Chanel is is also shown by the fact that in 2015 she played the young Coco Chanel in a short film by Karl Lagerfeld. But not only in front of the camera makes the Aktrice, which is mainly known for their presentation in the “Twilight” series and in films such as “Clouds of Sils Maria” and “Café Society”, talked about: Celebrated at the Sundance Film Festival her short film “Come Swim” premiere, where she first served as a director and was seen as part of the special screenings at the Cannes Film Festival.

The most important handbag trends of the year

The runways of Paris, Milan, London and New York have shown that many old acquaintances made it into the pocket trends of 2018. Classics like the bucket bag, red handbags and fringed bags are included. From last season, extra large models as well as bags carried in the hand managed to maintain their position. While transparent models, fanny packs and functional bags will set a new course next year. We have compiled for you the most important bag trends 2018


At the latest, since Mansur Gavriel generated endless waiting lists with his Bucket Bag in 2015, the pouch bag has returned in a big way. That’s not surprising: their round shape is timeless design and at the same time creates enough storage space for everyday life. After a short break in recent seasons, the Bucket Bag 2018 is back – and more successful than ever; to be seen among others by Fendi in a mini version (see picture above).

Why settle for one bag when you can have two? The stylists probably thought so when they put together the looks of the Spring / Summer Runways 2018. At Chanel the models wore a big and a small model, at Tod’s two identical bags in different colors and Chloé launched a new model that combines two pockets (see picture above).


The revival of the noughties also brings back the rhinestones! Perhaps in memory of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears – icons of fashion of the 2000s – labels such as Valentino, Chloé and Miu Miu occupied their handbags with rhinestones. A sparkling appearance and the counterpart to the functional bag.

If there is a color that dominates the accessories world at the moment, and that is also seen on many handbags on the Runways for Spring / Summer 2018, then the red. Red bags are falling, red bags signal power like here at Valentino (see picture above) – good prospects for the year 2018!

Looking amazing – a great mother of the bridal dress

Marriage is a great opportunity that not only honeymooners love to humor, but even parents and guests also love the environment. It is indeed a joyous occasion for brides and grooms that they get a chance to fulfill their childhood dream of people dreaming marriage. And by the way it is noisy, brides do not neglect any effort to make memorable, they want to dress up elegant mother’s dresses, so that the whole meeting in the shower praises on them. For the bride, nothing can beat the importance of this great occasion and that’s exactly why they want to wear designer dresses for the day.

Chicregina-Sheath-Column-Jewel-Short-Sleeves-Knee-Length-Taffeta-Mother-Of-The-Bride-Dress-With-Beading(Find more dresses like this)

Another important person in the wedding ceremony, who needs no introduction is the mother of the bride dresses. Mother is very close to her daughter, as she is the one who grooms her to be a good person. When the big occasions, she also deserves a beautiful mother of the bride dresses if the dress is stylish, great equipment to complete her daughter. You can choose the dress depending on its taste, size and shape of the body. If she is a plus size woman, her dress should be adjusted so that it fits into her body. I adjusted the dress gives the appearance that everyone desires. No other person who also deserves a good outfit is the guardian of the bride. You can buy designer bridesmaid dresses if you have the money to spare.

And you will get a lot of websites that sell brilliant bridesmaid dresses. You can also type bridesmaid dresses in a popular search engine and you will find as many dresses on websites. End of the sales season is the right time to buy if you want short wedding mother dress affordable. If you sign up for reliable online clothing and accessories, you can find many unique designs that can stun you. There are thousands of designs at the shop and even cut and sewing tips. You can follow these tips to just get a unique dress, you may have thought beyond that. When you have finished dresses to celebrate the big wedding, you can start looking for a well chosen accessories like veil, gloves, scarves and tiara. You can buy the most beautiful dresses on great occasions at affordable prices in online stores.

What is sexy? Victoria’s Secret knows the prominent answers

What is sexy? And while we’re at it, which star is sexy? Lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret now asked this question for the second time and published its “What is sexy” list. However, since it is almost impossible to make a fair decision between power women like Rihanna, Lily James, Chrissy Teigen and Jessica Biel, one has simply opted for cream cake with every star.


Victoria’s Secret has been determining the leading trends in lingerie and lingerie since 1977 and since the beginning of the 1990s has been bringing one or two modeling careers to life with his angels.

A label that specializes in seductive underwear and the emphasis on the female body should probably know only too well who or what is sexy. But that’s not all. The deciding factor was which of the celebrity ladies can also impress with power and inspiration: ” The ‘What is sexy?’ List honors the hottest and most inspiring women in Hollywood, who embody self-confidence and a unique lifestyle. From the Sexiest Style to the Sexiest Red Carpet Look, the women on this list are all sexy, brave and influential. “, It says in the official press release.

If Rihanna is listed unchallenged as the “Forever Sexy” in the list, stars like Jessica Biel, Lily James or Margot Robbie can look forward to having sex with a particular part of their body. But sense of humor will also be rewarded, and so “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” star Ellie Kemper will be happy about this award, while the complete cast of the Emmy-reviewer series “How to get away with murder” is now titled “Sexiest TV Cast “can decorate.

But cities can be incredibly attractive and therefore sexy. That’s why it was called via Twitter to vote for the Sexiest City. And won: San Diego. The city in the state of California can look forward to a visit to “Victoria’s Secret” Angel Martha Hunt soon.

So your jeans get a perfect fit again

The jeans is an all-rounder and is worn for this reason so much. Whether washed out, torn or with pretty details – we have a few models that also differ in their fit. But what happens if the favorite piece gets too big over time or becomes too tight? Take it easy! Or just not so tight – because we’ll tell you two tips on how to get your pants fit again.

When buying the pants fit like a glove, but after a short time and few wearing experiences later, the once so fitting jeans loses its shape. But the opposite can also happen if the jeans refuses to grow with the figure and demonstratively with the covenant against you and your new rounds braces. We’ll give you tips on how to return an extended pair of trousers to their original shape or whether you are wearing too tight jeans on the collar – or on the waistband.

What to do if the jeans only pinch and cut ugly? No one wants to part with the favorite jeans. Spread the freshly washed jeans on a special waistband or a hanger. Make sure that there is tension on the waistband. Alternatively, you can use an ironing board, one end of which will pull and dry your favorite jeans. The thighs feel not so comfortable in the pants and are increasingly restricted? Unfortunately, they have to: Pull on the jeans, moisten the area of ​​the thighs and move as much as possible. Due to the body heat, the denim fabric is stretched and dries on the body. If you want to grab a bigger size when buying a new pair of trousers: better not!

Favorite jeans are faithful companions, go through thick and thin with you – but what if your body does not change, but the trousers fall by the wayside? After frequent use, the support of many jeans decreases, they lose their fit and hang only half-heartedly where they belong. A very hot tip: Put the jeans in boiling water for 10 minutes and add 100 grams of salt. The salt ensures that the color of the jeans does not fade. The hot water causes the threads, which were massively stretched during the manufacture of the trousers, to shrink back to their original length, so the trousers become narrower. Make sure that the water stops boiling while the jeans soak in. Then wash the pants with warm water and put the jeans in the dryer, if the label allows it. Instead of the dryer, you can also hang the jeans over a hanger to dry. However, you should not subject pants with a high stretch percentage to such a procedure, since the stretch fibers are damaged and can no longer perform their function – a leaching is then the case.