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Author: Mathew Price

How A DENTAL Specialist Can Help You With TMJ


TMJ is a condition that refers to pain in the Temporomandibular joints. A TMJ specialist Greenville SC based can help you if you suffer with the condition. With that said, let’s briefly discuss what causes the condition, the symptoms and what exactly a specialist can do for you.

What Are The Causes Of TMJ
There are a number of causes of TMJ disorders, with one being an injury to the jaw or teeth. Another cause is jaw or teeth misalignment or grinding of the teeth. Stress and even poor posture can be causes of the condition. Those with arthritis may also have a TMJ disorder.

More research needs to be done into the exact cause of TMJ. As you can see, there are several things that contribute to the condition. A specialist can determine what is causing your TMJ.

Symptoms Of TMJ
Those who have a TMJ disorder may experience a range of symptoms, with the most common ones being jaw pain, clicking of the jaw or a popping noise from the jaw. Other symptoms include earaches or popping noises in the ears. A lot of people who have TMJ will also experience headaches.

Some people might experience stiff jaw muscles. Others may suffer with pain in their temples. Then there are some TMJ sufferers that experience lock jaw. Symptoms do widely vary from person to person.

Those are only a few symptoms. If you experience any of those symptoms, then it’s time to schedule an appointment with a specialist. They will be able to diagnose the condition and then recommend the proper course of treatment.

What Can A Specialist Do For You
A highly skilled specialist will get to the root of your problem by performing a thorough examination of your jaw. This may include having an MRI performed, which will help the specialist figure out what the issue is. There may be an underlying issue, and if there is, then you will be provided a treatment plan to take care of it. If there are no underlying issues, the specialist will then determine how to treat your TMJ disorder and they will give you a clear picture of your overall oral health.

A TMJ specialist in Greenville SC based practice can help you get relief from TMJ. If you suspect you have the condition, then see a specialist right away. The last thing you want to do is to continue to suffer in pain.

Finding a Cosmetic Dentist Greenville SC

Cosmetic Smile

People underestimate just how much their smile affects their life. People who feel self-conscious about their teeth or their smile tend to smile less, get awkward around others, and maybe even laugh less to prevent others from seeing their teeth. These actions not only act like sort of a personal prison in and of themselves but also can have negative mental health effects. When a person stops laughing and smiling, the mood is sure to drop. Especially over long periods of time.

A Better Smile
Finding a skilled and experienced cosmetic dentist in Greenville SC residents can trust takes a little research and time, but the results are definitely worth it! Whether serious work is needed to start with to repair broken or missing teeth by using a crown or even a full replacement, or you have relatively healthy teeth but they need some serious whitening and maybe some straightening, there are options available.

Teeth Whitening
All cosmetic dentists in the area in and around Greenville should offer teeth whitening. In fact, most dentists will offer some form of teeth whitening services. This is simple and it removes stains, bringing back some of the very clean and white color from young and healthy teeth.

What Are Dental Veneers?
Veneers are the next step. These are very thin (like wafer-thin) shells made from porcelain or resin that covers the front of the tooth and is bonded there. The material is an extremely bright white and can modify the color, shape, and overall look of your teeth. Most people have seen these even if they aren’t aware of them.

Wonder how every Hollywood movie star has perfect bright white teeth? 98% of the time you’re looking at veneers. There’s a reason they have the nickname of “Hollywood Teeth.” If you’re looking for a movie star level of smile, veneers are a viable option.

Dental Bonding Services
One service you definitely have to find a good local cosmetic dentist Greenville SC residents can trust is for dental bonding. This is a specific type of treatment where a putty-like resin is applied to the tooth, hardened, which bonds it to the tooth, and then is chipped and shape into an ideal shape.

This is a way to fix chipped teeth, cracked teeth, or can even be used around an odd or malformed tooth to create a better looking tooth that fits more naturally into a healthy and good looking smile.

These are just some of the potential options that a great cosmetic dentist can bring to the table to help you find your best smile.

Get A Saliwell Appliance From A Certified Dentist

Today’s most effective dry mouth treatment is called a Saliwell Appliance. Why is it the best treatment available, and why should you get one from your dentist? Can’t you just drink more water to keep your dry mouth symptoms under control? Saliwell dry mouth solutions are administered by the only certified dentist in South Carolina Dr. Leor Lindner

Severe Xerostomia Challenges

For anyone who has an occasional dry mouth, the best solution usually is to drink more water. This condition can be caused by many things like antihistamines or dry weather. If this is what causes you to have a dry mouth, you can easily alleviate these problems by drinking lots of water and only taking the medications when you absolutely must.

For many millions of people, dry mouth is not that easy to treat. Some people have such a problem with the condition it feels as though they have glue for saliva. They cannot speak properly because of the dryness in their mouths. Many people cannot taste their food or swallow properly. Others have issues with cracked lips or bad breath. These people have severe xerostomia.

Life becomes a challenge with this condition. There are many causes of it including certain autoimmune diseases such as Sjogons diabetes. Radiation and chemotherapy cause severe dry mouth. Some prescription antidepressants cause it.

Solve the Dry Mouth Problem For Good

One way to solve severe xerostomia is by getting a Saliwell appliance from a certified dentist. The Saliwell device is the best treatment for xerostomia. It is a life-changing device because of its effectiveness.

A Saliwell device is a small item that fits in the mouth. It is soft and clear. It has a few electrodes and a microprocessor which give off electrical impulses. These impulses are delivered to the lingual nerve. This nerve stimulates saliva production and solves the dry mouth problem for good.

Talk with a Saliwell certified dentist about your symptoms. Get fitted with the device, and learn how to use it. It takes about five sessions, five minutes a day to achieve results. You will notice 20 percent more moisture than before after your first full session.

You will notice complete results a few months after consistent treatment. The effects can be life-altering. No more bad breath, difficulty swallowing or tasting your food. Your mouth will feel comfortable and so will you.

The first step to treating this condition is to reach out to a certified dentist today. Get a Saliwell treatment device, and get the relief you deserve from dry mouth.

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